The Blue Ridge Baptist Association is one of 11 clusters of churches within the Baptist Convention of Maryland & Delaware. The BCM/D has over 500 churches – almost 40 of which are within our Association. We primarily serve churches in Frederick and Washington counties in Maryland, with churches also in Berkeley and Jefferson counties in West Virginia, and churches in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania.

The Association was founded in 1954, and has grown as the population of our region has expanded. It is estimated that our area now has a population of 380,000 in Maryland, and 160,000 in West Virginia. Thousands more individuals and families move here on an annual basis.

In 1998 there were 18 churches with a worship attendance if 1,500 people weekly. Today, almost 40 churches celebrate worship weekly with over 5,000 estimated in worship. We now have 4 times the number of baptisms that we had back the. The reason for this increase is not only population increases, but the Associations concerted efforts to plant new churches and to resource and assist smaller – struggling congregations.

In the last few years we have seen small local “non Southern Baptist” churches express an interest in becoming a part of the Association. They see a great advantage to being a part of a cluster of churches that help each other, and work together for mission causes locally, nationally, and internationally. If our theological beliefs are similar, we welcome non-denominational churches – or churches with other denominational backgrounds – to come into the Association and  explore the benefits of regional churches partnering together.

If you are interested in partnering with us, please check our our membership benefits, and then apply online.

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Blue Ridge Baptist Association